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Send My Rooms

Once you schedule your Portrait Session with us, we will email a link with instructions for you to  use your phone to photograph walls in your home where you would like to see Portrait Wall Art from our Portrait Session!

We use the latest technology to display images for you to review and make your final selections. At your ordering session, you will view your image and Wall Art projected on our 100 inch screen. You’ll be able to critically evaluate each pose, compare images and most importantly, view how images will look displayed on the walls of your home.

To see how the images will look in your home, we need your help. Don’t worry, it won’t take a lot of time, but it will help ensure that you will make the best decisions in selecting your images. We need you to take just a few images, using your mobile phone or digital camera, and send them to us. The process is really simple.

1) Using your mobile device, go to our SendMyRooms website and click the link provided in your email to log in.

2) Click the “Play” button on the movie and watch the two-and-a-half minute video.

3) Click the “Get Started” button

4) Just follow the prompts to take and upload your images.

During your ordering session, you’ll be selecting and ordering your images. It is important that anyone that needs to be involved in the decision process, be at this appointment.

Also, we suggest that if you have small children, you arrange childcare for this 60-90 minute ordering session.

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