What You Can Expect at Your WrenPhoto Portrait Session

* Personal contact with our staff to help plan your portrait session.

* Guidance to help you make clothing choices and determine the style of photography you want

* Enough time for a relaxed setting while photographing your family.

* Between 30-60 images of your family projected on our 100 inch screen - and our guidence during the selection process.

* A variety of images both posed and un-posed featuring variations of the group as a whole and parts in combination.

* More than just pictures. We will show you a variety of creations from your portrait session including

 - Story-Telling Photo Albums

 - Wall Art featuring Framed and Un-Framed Portraits in a variety of sizes

- Custom Wall Composites and more

Text us pictures of your walls so we can show you what your portraits will look like on your own walls!

WrenPhoto Portrait Studio

5351 Fenton Rd,

Grand Blanc, MI 48507






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