Mini Sessions

Upcoming Mini Sessions

Click here for more information about our upcoming Mini Sessions

What is a Mini Session?

Schedule a Mini Session with WrenPhoto by clicking on the link above or the "Book Your Mini Session" button to the right.

Choose one of our 20 minute time slots for our per-scheduled Mini Session event.

During each 20 minute session we take approximately 25-40 photos of your entire family and breakdowns of family groups.

Our Mini Sessions Fee is $50 and includes the Photography Session only. Portraits can be ordered at a separate Premier Photo Session approximately 2 weeks after your Mini Session.

There is no purchase obligation with your Mini Session but photos can be purchased al a carte or you can choose one of our Mini Session Portrait Packages.

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Use Send My Rooms 

Once your Session is scheduled we will Email a link to the Send My Rooms website. We will load your room pictures into our software and your Portrait Wall Art on YOUR own walls on our 100 Inch Screen.

Click HERE for more information.

Send My Rooms App

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